Taco Plates: For easy taco loading

Taco Plates

Tacos are meant to be eaten in pairs. One might think this is due to their relatively small size; one never seems to quite fill you up. However, there is another practical reason that the taco is frequently served as a duo: you need one to steady the other as you load it up with delicious fillings.

Leaning tacos up against each other is all fine and good, but now there is an easier way. Taco Plates are a simple solution for this age-old hard-shell dilemma. Made from recyclable polystyrene, the plates hold tacos upright for easy filling and serving. A special ridged bottom help to minimize soak-through, keeping your loaded tacos fresh and ready-to-eat. Perhaps best of all, tradition is preserved and you get two to a plate!

(Via Domestic Geek)


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