Parents: should you be wary of whiffing?

Le Whif

It’s a little late for an April Fool’s joke, so let’s consider the Le Whif as a real soon-to-be-everywhere product. Apparently, Harvard professor David Edwards has developed a way to aerosolize chocolate and deliver it via an inhaler.

Available in four flavors, the super-smalled chocolate treat is tiny enough to carry in a pocket or purse. The idea is to partake of whiffing as either a flavor compliment to a meal or as a dietary aid by having the user ingest the micron sized particles instead of actually, you know, eating.

With a not-so-humble approach, the team behind Le Whif considers their innovation as an inevitable conclusion to the evolution of humankind dining. Me, I’ll stick with the fork. However, if you do bite, the makers plan on continuing to surprise by unveiling Le Whaf at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

(Via Wired)


  1. I have lost 10 pounds thanks to this thing! I just take a whiff and don’t need the sweets anymore.

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