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I Ate Some Pie and It Was Delicious

I Ate Some Pie and It Was Delicious Coffee Mug

I Ate Some Pie and It Was Delicious Just thought you should know. Happy Pi Day!

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Fred And Friends Cracked Up Colander

Fred and Friends Cracked Up Colander

Colanders are pretty boring as far as kitchen gadgets go, right? No! First of all, a colander makes for a perfect first space helmet. Or marching band hat. Or really any kind of hat as long as it has to do with banging pots and pans. But the problem with letting the kids get into the kitchen gear isn’t their land of make-believe, but rather the real world when kitchen gear gets broken. (Or until the tears start; whichever comes first.)

Unless of course, you have the Fred and Friends Cracked Up Colander. Available as part of a set (with the Fred and Friends Cracked Up Mug for some reason), the fun kitchen tool features irregular cut-outs that give it the appearance of a broken bowl. However, no bowls were harmed in the process — unlike the kids’ feelings when the kitchen gear gets taken away from them to make dinner.

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At Least This Notre Dame Football Mug Is Undefeated

NCAA Notre Dame Undefeated Season Tankard BCS Championship Mug

The BCS Championship game was last night. It was a boring football game. The Alabama Crimson Tide rolled over the Notre Dame Fighting Irish to a final score of 42-14. In college sports, they seem to count “postseason” stats as valid, so while the football minds of Notre Dame ponder their first loss of the season, perhaps they can drown their sorrows in this NCAA Notre Dame Undefeated Season Tankard BCS Championship Mug.

Roll Tide, as they say.

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InStirring Self Stirring Mugs And Glasses

InStirring Self-stirring Old Fashioned Glasses

Drinking is not an active sport. Why else would there be bars where people are paid (and tipped) to mix, pour and stir drinks for you? I can think of no other reason except that stirring must be hard. Luckily, for those that prefer to be by themselves when drinking alone (well, duh…) there is another option.

The InStirring Self-stirring Old Fashioned Glasses come in a set of two and do all the hard work normally reserved for a bartender. The inside of these glasses are ribbed with special protrusions or wings that act to stir the liquids inside. Pour in the booze and a mixer, give the cup a twist and the vaned interior swirls the liquids together. Then it’s just a matter of finding somebody to toast with.

Also available for the hangover the next day: InStirring Cups, Coffee Mugs and Glasses.

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Zing Anything Citrus Zinger

Zing Anything Citrus Zinger

The portable water bottle has become common sight seemingly everywhere. (This would make sense, being portable and all…) The good news is that they offer an easy way to stay hydrated without the need to shell out cold hard cash while on the go. The bad news is water comes in only one flavor.

The Zing Anything Citrus Zinger (aka ZingAnything CitrusZinger) is a go-to solution for making a flavored water solution on the go. Combining a citrus reamer with a water bottle that is designed for portability, the beverage enhancer makes it easy to make your own hydrating concoction. Just screw a citrus half into the base and away you go.

For those that appreciate a little non-citrus fruit in their drink, these guys also make the Aqua Zinger, which is designed to masticate berries, herbs and really anything else that has flavor locked inside. But either version that works for you, really works for you, because don’t forget: refills are free!

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Aussie Ice Slushy Maker Makes Slushys To Go

Aussie Ice Slushy Maker

It’s hot. Hot everywhere you go. Stay cool. How? Slushy on the go!

The Aussie Ice Slushy Maker is a no-frills cooling contrivance designed to chill on the go. Just keep it in your freezer and when it comes time to beat the heat pull it out and add your favorite drink — because chances are, your fave drink will work. Designed to slushify everything from sodas and juices to energy drinks and chocolate milk (eww), the reusable mug cools down liquids in about two minutes. And for all your portable cool down needs, the chill maker comes with its own combination straw spoon, so there is no need to sneak one away from the Slurpee stand at 7-Eleven.

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