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3075-cc Of Chrome-Plated Drink Dispenser

Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield Logo Drink Dispenser--LIMITED EDITION. Holds 104 Ounces. 96848-11V

Living full-throttle means living without diluting the experience. Another way to say the same thing might be to say someone is going whole hog. What a coincidence how those two things go together with a Harley. And a drink dispenser.

The Harley-Davidson Chrome-Plated Beverage Dispenser amps up the party without watering it down. An ice tube integrated into the vessel cools down drinks, and the limited edition drink dispenser holds 104-ounces (or 3075-cc depending how you like to look at it). Featuring the Harley bar and shield logo the officially-licensed biker-friendly party-maker won’t be around for long.

***UPDATE 4/14/14***

Looks like the above link has ridden off into the sunset. Here is another HOME ACCENTS JUICE DISPENSER that is close, but it isn’t Harley branded. Maybe one day they’ll get it back at the official Harley store.

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Don’t ‘mesh’ with these Gear Coasters

Gear Coasters

Designed by Scott Sullivan, Gear Coasters are the perfect drink accessory for any discerning gearhead. Handmade, the coasters will vary from set to set, but all are between 3.5 to 4.25 inches in diameter. Felt-lined bottoms complete each coaster keeping your tabletop dry and free from any (well, some) inadvertent metal-induced scarring that may happen while drinking.

(Via Uncrate)

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