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Cheers! Redneck Mason Jar Wine Glass

Redneck Mason Jar Wine Glass

Moonshine. Hooch. Juice. White Lightning. Mountain Dew.

Whatever you call it, cheers!

Get your weekend started right with the Redneck Mason Jar Wine Glass.

October 28, 2011   1 Comment

Pickle Your Brains With These Mason Preserving Jars

Mason Preserving Jars

The key to zombie/human relations is sharing. Kitchen gadgets can help. Both zombies and humans are in need of good quality storage solutions. Zombies need a place to keep their (your) brains, and the not-undead need a place to store pickles. Therefore, these Mason Preserving Jars are a win/win. When the brains are all gone, the good zombie neighbor can lend their set out. Especially if the neighbor in question is the other segment of the population in need of quality brain storage, the evil mad scientists. Honestly, Abby Normal Soap In A Jar deserves a better fate.

Abby Normal Soap In A Jar

September 2, 2011   No Comments

A Mayo Getter-Outer

Mayo Jar Spreader

If you can’t lick ’em, join ’em. Not that many of us lick the mayo knife after applying the goopy goodness to sandwiches. Anyway, for whatever reason, mayonnaise jars (as well as many others) typically have hard-to-reach areas inside of them. The result is wasted food for no good reason. Aside from the occasional squeeze bottle, it doesn’t look like mayonnaise jars are going to change anytime soon, so might as well get on board with them and use something like the Mayo Jar Spreader to put an end to the waste. Also works for sauce jars, in which the makers are apparently in cahoots with the mayo people.

**UPDATE 2/20/2013**

Funny, the product link above didn’t stick around, so here’s a new one:

Compac Mayo Knife Spreader Plastic Knife Shaped To The Contour Of Mayonnaise Jars

July 14, 2011   2 Comments

Little Hands Caught In Cookie Jar Get Put To Work

Cookie Cutters-in-a-Jar

Kids these days have got it too easy. It’s about time they had to put up with some work to get what they want. Next time the little’uns get an inklin’ to raid the cookie jar, they’ll have to earn it.

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April 8, 2010   No Comments