Chocolate Eiffel Tower, Broccoli Trees And Beef Book

British "Foodscapes" photographer Carl Warner has created the poster for "Paris Cookbook Fair 2012".

Perusing old cookbooks is a great way to find inspiration. “The Paris Boulevard” by Carl Warner is another. The poster for the Paris Cookbook Fair Poster 2012 looks good enough to eat, doesn’t it?

Press release:

Chocolate Eiffel Tower, Broccoli Trees and Beef Book

MADRID, July 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ —

“THE PARIS BOULEVARD” by CARL WARNER is the new Paris Cookbook Fair Poster 2012.

After Argentinean painter Alberto Bali in 2010, French photographer Denis Nidos in 2011, British “Foodscapes” photographer Carl Warner has created the poster for “Paris Cookbook Fair 2012”.

Carl Warner is a British photographer who has worked in the advertising industry for the past 25 years.

Just over ten years ago he began developing an idea for making landscapes out of real food which has now been perfected into his own unique form of art which are affectionately known as ‘Foodscapes’. This has led to many commissions from food brands as well as the publishing of his first book “Carl Warner’s Food Landscapes” through Abrams in New York. He has recently completed work on his second book which will be for children and is currently working on a TV animation project which will hopefully inspire children to be more adventurous with their eating habits and promote healthier eating within society.

In the “Paris Cookbook Fair Poster”, the Eiffel Tower is made of various chocolates. The butter beans road is paved with brie cheese and champagne corks. The trees are parsley, broccoli and kale. The buildings are structured with various breads. The table is a cheese wheel. Finally, the book has a beef cover with ham pages.

The Ingredients List

Eiffel Tower

* Chocolate muffin, Chocolate cake tiers with raspberries, Chocolate covered toffee lattice.

Balloons – Cherries

Table top & Legs – Cheese wheel and celery stalks

Book – Beef cover with ham pages

Vase – Fennel, Rosemary and chives with pepper flowers

Pepper Mill – Shallots (onions)

Mustard Pot & Spoon – Fig and celery stalk

Coffee Cup and saucer – Parsnip and onion

Saucer and coins – Fennel, carrots and radishes

Trees and bushes – Parsley, Broccoli and kale

Road – Butter beans

Pavement & Bollards – Brie Cheese and Champagne corks

Buildings – Spelt Crackers, breadsticks and wafers

Curtains – Red and Yellow Peppers

Roofs and Chimneys – Charcuterie (Garlic sausage and ham)

Fruit stand Roof – Red, Yellow and Green peppers

Fruit stand – Cinnamon sticks and sliced brown bread

Fruits and Nuts – Strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, grapes, almonds and ground nuts (Cheese cracker parcels)

The ParisCookbook Fair -March 7-11,2012

Guest of Honour: Chinese Cuisine and Wines

Invited French Region: Brittany

Featured Product: Beer

Opening Feast:

“Gourmand World Cookbook Awards”,

Theatre Les FoliesBergère, with 158 countries participating.


* Edouard Cointreau :, +34-91541-67-68

Paris Cookbookfair Video on

SOURCE Gourmand Books

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