Grow Your Own Salad Kit… For Fifty Bucks

Salad Set -- Fifty dollar salad-in-a-box

Now, for only $49.99 you, yes, you could be the proud owner of… some seeds and a bowl. Somebody here was thinking (just not for your benefit): pretty packaging with some gardening “secrets” thrown in, and the salad-in-a-box is sure to be this summer’s hot item.

While the concept of the Salad Set isn’t off the mark, the price certainly is. Fifty bucks for basically three packets of seeds? Really? Please don’t buy this. Especially when you can get these hand-painted Garden Stakes for a measly $5.99, use an existing salad bowl and pick up some inexpensive seeds at almost any mega mart. (Sorry, no box included.)

Locally Grown Slate Garden Stakes

Anyways, here’s the product description for the overpriced salad kit:

Salad set will have you enjoying your vegetables from start to finish. It includes three packs of seeds (lettuce, bell pepper, tomato), three metal plant markers and three cards with gardening secrets and advice. When vegetables are ready for eating, set also includes a ceramic salad bowl and ceramic salad servers.

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