It’s my (wok) party and I’ll cry if I want to

Mini Table Wokset

There is no way this Table Wokset is a good idea. The small, 4-centimeter tall (really?) mini-woks may look colorful and appealing, but in no way could perform like, you know, an actual wok. With such a small area to work with, ingredients can’t be moved around to different temperature zones. That doesn’t even begin to touch on the question whether this crazy contraption can even put out the heat necessary for the high heat cooking commonly associated with wok cooking. Most likely, this 6-serving party set would do little more than make individual bowls of slightly cooked vegetables. Which, all in all isn’t such a bad thing: add some broth and have a soup party. For about $90, you can find out.

Via Gizmodo

***UPDATE 8/15/2013***
Here is a link for a seller on Amazon:
BP 2973 Wok-Set

And here is the site of the manufacturer, Tristar:
Wokset 6 colored wok pans – Crepe and baking plate BP-2973

Double bonus: Turns out the contraption can be used as a crepe pan. Thanks, Nicole!
Tristar Wokset 6 colored wok pans - Crepe and baking plate BP-2973


  1. In the Netherlands they are used for gourmet – a fondue style party. Where can you buy one?! I have been searching and can not find one anywhere in the US.

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