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Tier Up Spices With The Spice Tower Rack

Spice Tower Spice Rack Organizer with Bamboo Top from Lipper International

You know what’s good? Food. You know what makes food better? Flavor. Imparting such upon our edibles has never been easier. Not only are recipes galore only a click or two away, but spices from every corner of the globe can be found either online or in everyday brick-and-mortar stores which have well-stocked shelves to accommodate humanity’s growing palate. But of course, you are gonna need a place to store all those spices.

The Lipper Spice Rack Tower is a two-tier spice rack that opens and closes for easy storage. The spice rack holds eighteen bottles and has a flat bamboo top that can accommodate odd-shaped spice bottles of any size — or odd-shaped pictures, stickers and stamps of spices until that internet order comes in.

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Magnetic bottles spice up your fridge

Magnetic Plastic Spice Bottle - Black by Lipper InternationalSpices make life, well, spicier. It’s good to always have a wide variety on hand. What’s even better is to have your spices in easy reach.

These Magnetic Plastic Spice Bottles by Lipper International match any décor with their stainless steel lids and elegant black containers. Spices stored inside are easily visible through these through top. Sprinkle and pour holes are integrated along the edge. Best of all, they are magnetic, so you can stick ‘em right on the fridge and always have them on hand.

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