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Slot Machine Cork Cage

Slot Machine Cork Cage

Mixing alcohol is a well known way to head straight for a hangover. Mixing vices? Well, that’s another story! Gambling and drinking and general carousing all go together perfectly. The only problem is remembering what happened.

Luckily — that is if you believe in Lady Luck, which you probably do if you are checking out this Slot Machine Cork Cage — there is a way to help wine drinkers keep it all together. Just open a bottle, finish it off and toss the cork into the cork cage display. When it comes time to recall a memory, pull the working slot machine arm and see what you get. If you get lucky (or maybe not depending on your perspective) you’ll remember the night in question. Ka-ching!

March 1, 2013   No Comments

Drinking Roulette Set Makes Nobody A Winner

Drinking Roulette Set

This 16 Shot Roulette Drinking Game makes nobody a winner. And no, not because letting a little metal ball dictate you’re level of drunkenness isn’t classy, but simply because there aren’t enough shot glasses! Clearly, to get the job done right, you need to pick up an extra set and double down.

April 22, 2011   No Comments