Life after induction for old pots and pans

Burton 8-Inch Induction Interface Disk with Heat-Proof Handle

If you’ve gone induction, chances are you had to swap out at least some of your favorite cookware. Cooking via induction is highly efficient, as the cooking vessel itself is part of the system that generates heat, but the method only works with ferrous pots and pans (not to mention an induction cooktop). But what of all that old cookware you have come to know and love? There is a solution.

The Burton 8-Inch Induction Interface Disk with Heat-Proof Handle lets you use any of your old cookware on an induction cooktop. The stainless steel disk heats up when it comes into contact with the induction cooker, and transfers that heat to any cooking vessel. Of course your induction cooker won’t act like an induction cooker while using this eight-inch diameter disk, but if you want to use the cookware that you just haven’t been able to part with yet, this little contraption can bring them back to life.

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