Let the stomach (plush) do the talking


You are what you eat, right? In that spirit, it seems only natural to show off these Plush Guts from I Heart Guts. Over a dozen varieties are available, but the one close to my heart has to be the Stomach Plush. (Of course, in the strictest sense, I would have to purchase the Heart Plush too for this to be accurate, but the sentiment is there.)


Since the little guy has a mouth, I’ll let the stomach do the talking. From the website:

The stomach creates a highly acidic environment used to digest all the cookies, ice cream and bacon you gobble up. This lil’ guy’s digestive juices help break down food for the intestine, which absorbs the actual nutrients. Don’t forget to chew. This awesomely orange 8.5″ x 5.5″ tummy is so cute you’ll want to eat him up. Safe for all ages. Designed in California, made in China.

Since the stomach has to be the best friend of the kitchen, I feel it’s high time Stomach got some props around here. Besides, I wouldn’t want to argue with a gang of organs. They may look cuddly in that photo, but I don’t like the way that Kidney Plush is eyein’ me.

(Via Serious Eats)

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