The Home Cook Who Has Everything Probably Doesn’t Have One Of These

The Oven Rack Puller by Jonathan Spoons

Faced with a question of what to get for the cook who has everything? I bet they don’t have one of these!

The Oven Rack Puller by Jonathan Spoons is a 14-inch long kitchen tool that may not be a popular or common kitchen item, but one that everybody at one time or another probably wishes they had. In fact, I bet there are a good number of homemade devices fashioned to accomplish the same task as this one was devised for. And since I seem to be in a betting mood, I’m going to hazard a guess most of them aren’t made from wild cherry wood or look as sleek as this official tool. Classically styled, the occasionally-useful kitchen gadget fits in with any décor from modern to rustic. And best of all, as the product description points out, the stick is “designed for both left and right handed use”—just in case you needed to ask.

Product Description:

This Oven Rack Puller USA In Wild Cherry Wood (OR) by Jonathan Spoons is better than a pot holder for pulling out an oven or toaster oven rack. The puller is notched so that it stays attached to the rack until you are ready to push it back. This beautiful and ergonomic kitchen tool has a smooth edge that will not scratch non-stick surfaces. Designed for both left and right handed use.

Be kind to your wooden serving pieces and they will last a lifetime! We recommend that you clean them with a Scotchbrite pad using a gentle soap and warm water. Occasionally oil them when you want them to look their best natural coconut oil or mineral oil work well. We do not recommend using a dishwasher for any wood, as the drying cycle dehydrates wood too rapidly and can cause it to crack, while cleaning agents may prematurely age the surface of the wood.

Handcrafted and made in the USA of the finest wild cherry and maple hardwoods. The photos do not do justice to the beauty of these custom made woodenware pieces. Each piece is exquisite and unique and will make a perfect gift for yourself or someone special.

Size: 14L Inches <--> Color: Wild Cherry Hardwood <--> Style: Ordinary

* Made In The USA From Wild Cherry And Maple Hardwoods.
* Function And Quality Handcrafted Into Every Utensil.
* A Favorite Of Home Cooks And Professional Chefs The World Over.
* For Both Right And Left Handed Cooks.

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