Ninety million cans can’t be wrong

Spam, The Cookbook by Marguerite Patten

I want to want this cookbook, I really do. With 90 million cans of SPAM sold each year in the United States, there has to be something to the canned meat. After watching Anthony Bourdain explore the possibilities lurking in the ubiquitous blue can in Hawaii, I should get this cookbook. However, Hawaii being populated with SPAM fanatics, I still have to approach the mystery meat with caution. Oh, I trust Hormel has done a fine job in canning the substance, and Marguerite Patten has done a fine job of writing about it, but SPAM The Cookbook will just have to wait.

Then again, I should do something with the can that’s been reposing in my pantry since I picked it up on sale at Walgreens. Maybe I’ll just take a little peek inside…

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