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Click ‘n Cook Modular Spatula

Click ‘n Cook Modular Spatula

Having the right tool for the job is an essential aspect of cooking. One look in most any kitchen drawer will confirm as much; they are often cluttered with a horde of cooking implements. One option for keeping long-handled pieces out where they can be easily reached is the old-fashioned crock jar. For some, that unorganized look just won’t do, but there is another solution.

The Click ‘n Cook Modular Spatula is a countertop contrivance designed to store the oft-used utensil. But not just one spatula, of course, as this is a modular system. The set of five detachable spatula heads include:

– Classic flat spatula
– Long flexible slotted spatula (for cooking fish)
– Extra-wide slotted spatula (for flipping burgers)
– Flexible mixer (for mixing batter)
– Slotted spoon (for stirring pasta)

A Quirky project, the Click ‘n Cook is shipping now for $35. It may not be as versatile as an old crock jar, and it does take up precious counter space, but for the right kitchen, this might just be the right tools for the jobs.

(Via Red Ferret)

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