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Because Two Burgers Are Always Better Than One

Double Plastic Hamburger Press

There can’t be much mystery surrounding the invention of the double burger. After one bite of the very first burger, that lucky individual is likely to have asked how it could be made better. The answer, clearly, would have been—then as it is today—to add a second patty. It is a natural expectation, therefore, to expect the same out of our burger accessories.

The Double Plastic Hamburger Press features the ability to press two patties at a time, giving burger-makers the logical kitchen gadget they need to get the job done right the first time. While there may not be much speculation as to how long it took to discover that two patties were indeed better then one, there does remain some question as to if they had fries with that.

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Burger Press Adjusts For Individual Tastes

Adjustable Burger Press constructed of nonstick cast aluminum with a rosewood handle.

Hamburgers do well with a little compression. Otherwise it’s just ground beef. Loosely jumbled together ground beef. That’s no way to eat a burger. One way to ensure those burgers stay together is to use a burger press, but usually that means eating a burger where thickness is dictated by the gadget. Not so with the Adjustable Burger Press.

Constructed of non-stick cast aluminum with a rosewood handle, the burger press is capable of making a patty for everyone. Adjustable for either quarter-pound or half-pound patties (along with my personal favorite, “etc.”), the hamburger you want is only a press away.

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Keep Your Condiments At The Ready

Slider Central Condiment Caddy

Every meal needs embellishing. Some play it safe and stick with the salt and pepper, some take it up a notch and add hot sauce, and others, well, some people need a little bit of everything.

Designed with burgers in mind, but really appropriate for every meal, the Slider Central Condiment Caddy provides space for up to eight condiments. The 15.5-inch by 9.5-inch serving vessel is only 2.5-inches tall and comes complete with a semi-transparent lid, making it perfect for outdoor feasts—or for just keeping the go-to set of condiments always at the ready inside the fridge.

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Lazy Susan To Assist You On Your Burger Quest

Hamburger Condiment Lazy Susan

As every burger connoisseur knows, there are exactly five and only five* condiments that should be put on each and every hamburger. Any more than this magical combination and the burger balance would get all thrown out of whack, any less and the burger will never be truly complete, leaving the burger-eater yearning for what may have been. Naturally, these exact five condiments are …

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Burger Surprise For The Sweet Tooth

Hamburger Roundabouts Cupcake Sleeves

You don’t always know what you’re going to get when you bite into a hamburger. Other than the fact that they can be rare, medium or well-done, burgers can be made out of many different basic ingredients, from the traditional beef, to healthier alternatives like turkey or even grains. However you like your burger, chances are it’s not as sweet as this one.

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Time’s Up For This Hamburger

60-Minute Hamburger Kitchen Timer

Not all hamburger dreams are delicious. Some are tainted, not with suspect meat, but with spinning and whirling parts that make more noise than they should. (Especially nightmarish considering that a hamburger shouldn’t make any noise.) However, once in a while, along comes a burger designed to chime its way into our hearts (without the cholesterol, that is).

Case in point: The 60-Minute Hamburger Short Ring Alarm Kitchen Timer. Measuring around 3-inches across, the charming kitchen gadget keeps track of time in one minute increments. And whether or not your hamburger dreams are pleasant and tasty or filled with mechanical burgers bent on revenge, with about a four second bell duration, this burger timer is a lot more pleasant than an alarm clock.

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